Light My Fire of Puget Sound

A Letter from our Board

Dear friends and potential donors of Light My Fire,

We have a great need in our community that needs to be fulfilled. Anyone who has ever experienced a fire to their home or business knows the emotional, as well as monetary, impact that follows. Imagine waking up to a fire in your home and quickly evacuating your family, or coming home to one and seeing not just your belongings, but your entire sense of security gone… In the Seattle area alone, there are approximately 400 house fires every year. Immediately following these tragedies, many families are left homeless with no place to go. All their belongings are burned to the ground, forcing them to start over with very little resources, if any, to turn to.

Light My Fire of Puget Sound is a charitable organization started by firefighters themselves, recognizing this incredible need in their community. Since the inception of our organization we have teamed up with local fire departments by gathering donations, which are then used by those fire fighters to provide fire education, help families find temporary housing, food, water, and other essentials immediately following a home fire.

Please consider helping in any way you can by either making a cash contribution, or donating an item to be auctioned at the next fundraising event. Feel free to get creative! There are many things you can auction and nothing is too small with the ultimate goal being charity. Light My Fire is a not-for-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Working together, we can continue raising money to aid in this important cause. On behalf of the Light My Fire organization and the brave firefighters who protect it, thank you for supporting us in whatever way you are able.

Signature from our board member

Board of Directors

Robert France

Servpro Puyallup | Member

I was asked by Lorenzo Silva to help him start the 2nd chapter of Light My Fire in early 2014. Once I heard what it was all about, I was sold. Being in the disaster restoration industry we hear stories all the time of people and families, after a fire, being put in tough situations with nothing to their name. This organization was going to be specially designed to help people instantly, on the spot. When I also heard that firefighters were donating their own money to a fund for situations like these, then I was a 100% convinced that we needed to start this organization and grow it as big as possible. I couldn’t believe that firefighters, after risking their lives to save others’, are being forced to dip into their own pockets. That never shouldn’t be asked of them. Light My Fire has become one of the most positive things in my life over the last year and a half and I can’t wait to see how big we will make it.

Robert France's LinkedIn page

Dave Mataftin

Fire Fighter | Member

Dave Mataftin has been in the fire service over 35 years. Starting out as a volunteer firefighter in 1976 and was hired as a professional firefighter in 1981 at age 21. He climbed through the ranks first to Lieutenant, then to Captain. Was selected to become the Assistant Fire Marshal, after a year in the office, decided that the best service he could provide was back in a response role. Tested for and promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief, currently assigned to B-Shift. Dave hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science. “I love what I do- helping those in need is extremely rewarding. It’s never been a job but rather an adventure, Light My Fire allows me to continue to assist those who need help”.

Diane Salz

1-800-Water Damage | Member

I was driving back from Spokane with Lorenzo Silva and he was telling me about this dinner in Boise Idaho that helped fire fighters who give money to people who don’t have insurance. The non-profit organization Light my Fire raised over $50,000 to give to their local fire departments. Lorenzo wanted to start one here and we did. We started talking to restoration companies around Puget Sound to be on the board. In the beginning it was hard to keep people on the board as we were a start-up nonprofit. We wanted to follow what Boise did, as they were successful. We had a hard time finding a fire department that would be on the board and that is when South King County joined us. Our first year we had the dinner at Maple Wood Golf club with a great turn out and made $20,000 for the year. As we laid the foundation for the Seattle chapter I became the chair after Lorenzo’s tragic passing.

Jeremy Kennard

Servpro of Renton | Member

The need to give back to the community that supports me and my family. Found out the firefighters were using their own moneys for burn out funds thought we should be able to support this without them giving up their own money. Great cause for money to go directly to people in need from someone who puts their life on the line to help every day.

Tammy Lamb

West Pierce Fire & Rescue | Member

I am the Executive Assistant/Grant Writer for West Pierce Fire & Rescue.

Tera Rose Layton

Statewide | Member